Legion: “Chapter 6”


Kyle’s Thoughts

“Chapter 6” fleshed out David’s inner conflict. Up to this point Lenny/Benny/unknown powerful mutant had little agency. He/she was the boogie man, dead best friend, or David’s dealer. He/she crept in the shadows of David’s subconscious. “Chapter 6” showed the unwanted visitor’s desires. He/she wants power and they don’t care if David’s psyche dies in the process. This conflict is unique. It’s a conflict only a show like Legion can explore.

David is at best an unreliable narrator or point of view character. “Chapter 6” ripped any ideas viewers had of who he was and shredded them. At times, I thought David was behind warping he and his friends to the astral plane, they were about to die in a hail of bullets, but the unknown mutant inside of David took charge. But how much control over David does the intruder possess? “Chapter 6” suggests he/she assumed complete control, but I’m not so sure. I also love the image of the Ophicordyceps (zombie ant fungus) and how it relates to David and the being inside him. Powerful.

Legion continues to take its time with its secondary and tertiary characters. I’m okay with that. David is not only the main character; his head space is one of the series’ locations. Having the rest of the cast trapped inside David’s corner of the astral plane allowed for them to express their fears and desires in vivid detail.

Melinda Bird yearns for her husband. She’s shown that in the past but “Chapter 6” puts a fine point on it and we see her wanting to nurture wildlife, much like she does for wayward mutants. Cary and Kerry express their desire to be close to each other. Even though they don’t share the same body, they prefer each other’s company to anyone else’s. Ptonomy’s past is more bleak than I’d imagine. His powers came with a huge price. And The Eye (District 3’s stooge) could have some legs as a worthy adversary, not that David needs one. The Eye has a special layer of creep.

Legion exhibits tight writing, excellent acting, and stunning visuals. It’s a joy to watch this quiet hurricane.

Season’s Take

Seeing the other characters express themselves in this chapter of Legion was nice. “Chapter 6” brought light to what’s going on both inside of David’s head and the heads of the others.

Spoiler warning: Legion revealed at the end of “Chapter 6” that Cary was the man in the atmospheric diving suit instead of Oliver Bird. That is, he was in front of Syd. Maybe it was Oliver in the suit in front of Melinda then Cary later in the episode. I’d like to see an exchange between Oliver and Cary to figure out why they decided to switch.

The Eye is as creepy as ever and he’s connected to Lenny/Benny in some way. He/she suggested that The Eye understands them and their thirst for power. They may have an understanding of some sort but Lenny/Benny may be using it as a mask for manipulating The Eye. Then again, The Eye could be acting on his own volition.

Every episode of Legion answers as many questions as it poses but that’s what makes it fun. It’s going to be hard waiting for ten months for a new season after “Chapter 8” airs.

Thanks for reading.

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