iZombie Review – “Virtual Reality Bites”


Kyle’s Review

The other shoe fell during this week’s “Virtual Reality Bites” and it looks like Liv is in a relationship with another zombie. I liked how the creative team took their time to introduce romance to the story before this week and let us get accustomed to the possibility but they fast forward through a few steps.

I get that Mr. Hunk Zombie with a British accent is one of a few dating options for Liv but I could’ve used a few more weeks leading up to them as soulmates. Okay, they didn’t use the term soulmate but it was implied and the fact that these two zombies, who were overly cautious up to this week, are jumping into a relationship doesn’t track. But despite the romance story faltering, there were plenty of other good ongoing arcs.

I like the zombie underground, meat market – iZombie has played this card well – but I wonder how long they can keep Liv and Blaine apart. Major investigating the missing street kids and coming up with Blaine will force iZombie to revisit Liv’s distrust of him but this should shake the zombie community’s tree. Liv and Zombie Hunk think they’re two of the few undead in town but that should change.

The only constant will be the weekly mysteries. This week’s mystery worked better than last week’s, but fell a little flat when compared with the ones at the beginning of the season. It felt more like a typical police procedural, complete with a gotcha moment at the end, but it was satisfying enough. Let’s hope that the ongoing story arcs and the one introduced at the end of this episode (I won’t spoil it; I swear) will lead iZombie in new and exciting directions.


iZombie delivered the promised zombie romance in this week’s “Virtual Reality Bites” but the zombie underground remains the more interesting arc and it may have some company.

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