iZombie review: “Real Dead Housewife of Seattle”


Kyle’s Review

Liv’s BFF Peyton is back in town, Major is a full-fledged utopium junkie and zombie killer, and this week’s murder hits too close to home for Max Rager. In short, there’s plenty of fallout, and that’s alright with me.

“Real Dead Housewife of Seattle” doesn’t break too much ground as far as the weekly mystery is concerned—not like last week’s—but iZombie continues to surprise me with its consistency. To date it’s the best of the CW comic shows this season and this episode does a lot to complicate the main cast’s relationships. Peyton has both a calming influence (for Liv and Ravi) and a sense of impending doom for Major, since Peyton plans to take down the utopium trade and Major could get caught up in the crossfire.

Vaughn Du Clark (Steven Weber) is taking Max Rager to a higher level and this season’s zombies may be even more deadly than the ones the previous year. I don’t know how Blaine figures into things—he was absent this episode—but I’m sure he’s working behind the scenes somehow. My guess is that since he inherited his father’s fortune, he may be one of Du Clark’s financial backers. Everything working behind the scenes undercut what was a pretty good murder mystery that got wrapped up comically—the good kind of comedy.

I don’t know how I can say this without revealing some spoilers, so you’ve been warned: Spoilers. Frustrated with her friends leaving her, Liv befriends the murderer (by mistake) and then she has to take down the perp while they’re out shopping. We treated to a delightful exchange between the store manager and Liv after Liv goes cave zombie and punches out the killer.

With a nice combination of humor, police procedural, and character development, iZombie is the highlight of the CW’s shows this season—so far.

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