iZombie Review – “Mr. Berserk”


Kyle’s Review

Several story arcs collided in this week’s iZombie, “Mr. Berserk”: Liv deals with the fall out of her zombie beau’s death, Major thinks he’s going crazy – because who would believe in real zombies? – and checks into a mental institution, folks start questioning Blaine’s ties to the Seattle Police Department, and Major Rager rears their ugly head again.

As you can see, a lot happened with the ongoing story arcs and the weekly mystery fed into these arcs, leaving the show’s conclusion in an unprecedented place. I won’t say where iZombie left us this week – I don’t want to give away any spoilers – but “Mr. Berserk” ends in a satisfying way.

I’ve been on the fence with iZombie since the pilot. It looked too much like Pushing Daisies at first, but it found its voice after a few months and stepped out of that show’s shadow, for the moment. Usually, the ongoing stories introduce drama, while the weekly mysteries brighten things up. That wasn’t the case with “Mr. Berserk” as Liv turns from eating PTSD brains last week to eating the brains of a raging alcoholic this week. Oddly enough, those same alcoholic brains were of an investigative reporter, so Liv took the role of a detective like she’s never done before. That’s another welcome change but hopefully, iZombie will return to form; it’d be too easy for Liv to become a full-fledged detective by continuing to eat the brains of detectives.

But the most welcome change this week came in how the deadly cocktail of PTSD and alcoholic brains played out. “Mr. Berserk” promised us a dark episode of iZombie and it delivered on that promise.

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