The Flash Review – “Fast Enough”


Kyle’s Review

We waited the entire season to see Barry go back in time and “Fast Enough” delivered on the pilot’s promise. We saw Barry and the Reverse-Flash go back to the night of Barry’s mother’s death. But it didn’t go exactly as we thought it might. This review will have major spoilers (there’s no way to get around that unless I speak in code and then you won’t understand much of anything), so don’t go any further with this review if you haven’t seen The Flash finale and you want to avoid spoilers.

Barry doesn’t save his mother. He likes the timeline he’s in (the one this season was set in) and the man he’s become, so he upholds the past where Thawne kills Mrs. Allen. I’m not sure if Henry Allen’s (Barry’s father) died in the fury too – he didn’t look so hot on the floor of his house – but Barry gained the closure he needed, so this wasn’t too shocking of a turn. The real shocker came based off of something I said off-the-cuff a few weeks ago, when I asked, “What’s keeping Eddie Thawne from killing himself now that he knows his offspring turn evil and they yield Eobard?” We got our answer. Eddie took his own life and the Reverse-Flash faded into the nether. The Flash Writers Room must have noticed how silly of a decision this was for Eobard. He had nothing to gain from telling Eddie his lineage and everything to lose.

What happens after Eobard’s fade to nothing makes me wonder if we won’t see a lot of “correcting” the past next season. I don’t believe or can’t believe that Eddie, and more importantly, Eobard stay dead. We might have to wait a full season or until the midseason break before getting reacquainted with Eobard/Harrison Wells, but he will be back—eventually. Comic book characters have a nasty way of coming back from the dead (i.e. Captain America: Winter Soldier with Cap, Winter Soldier, the Hydra scientist, and Nick Fury). Of course, there has been more than one Reverse-Flash. Hunter Zolomon, anyone?

I’ll share one last revelation from “Fast Enough”: Cisco knows about the alternate timeline because of his vibe powers. I’m on the fence about this for a couple of reasons. 1) Cisco remembers that one timeline but not the others—I know that he probably doesn’t die as dramatically as he does in this one timeline, but you’d think he’d have some recollection of another timeline. 2) Wells says that Cisco was affected by the particle accelerator but in the comics, and according to the The Flash Writers Room when asked about the future, Caitlin Snow will become Killer Frost. So, why is Cisco exhibiting Vibe powers while Caitlin doesn’t show a hint of Frost?

These last points are by no means deal breakers for me. The Flash proved its worth this season and I intend to keep watching.

Not Flashy enough for you? Check out our Flash secrets page and yes, I didn’t spoil all the secrets.

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