iZombie Review – “Dead Air”


Kyle’s Review

“Dead Air” continued iZombie’s slow build of a zombie underworld and saw the return of a reasonable solution to the weekly mystery. I like how the zombie police lieutenant runs interference for Blaine’s criminal brain harvesting – that makes sense – and how that makes his job difficult. He mentions that hiding several bodies is a logistical nightmare and warns Blaine that he has to be more discrete. The loose ends the brain trade present should come to a head in just enough time for iZombie’s season finale, but the zombie romance story arc may have caught a snag.

I’m still not on board with a zombie romance – iZombie needs to distance itself from Warm Bodies – so the romantic snag in “Dead Air” was welcome for me. Liv doesn’t know if her relationship with the zombie hunk is anything more than just physical. I’m surprised she hasn’t questioned it before now. She hopped into bed with this guy after one episode (one week) and the two characters’ lives didn’t intersect before zombification. I smiled when Liv asked, “Would we even know each other if we didn’t become zombies?” I would answer, no, and while I would prefer no zombie romance, I’ll give one a chance if iZombie takes the time to develop one, but romance isn’t the only thing iZombie developed this week.

Major’s crusade to find justice for his charges blows up in his face time and time again, Dr. Chakrabarti (Liv’s boss at the mortuary) asks out Liv’s childhood friend Peyton, and there was a nice cliffhanger –something iZombie doesn’t do a lot of – at the end of “Dead Air” that should make things interesting.


“Dead Air” was a return to form for iZombie with the zombie underworld brewing in a delightful way.

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