Heroes Reborn Review: “The Needs of the Many”


Kyle’s Review

Heroes Reborn introduced the event that will unite most—if not all—its principal characters, but I’m not sure what the event is. It looks like Malina, the young lady who will “save the world” along with a few other characters, spread the aurora borealis across the entire Northern Hemisphere at least and perhaps the entire world. If you’re confused as to why she’d do something like that, so am I. I think Malina is calling all evos but your guess is as good as mine.

Luke (Zachary Levi) comes clean to his evo assassin wife Joanne (Judith Shekoni) about his newfound powers. These two’s relationship and Carlos Gutierrez (Ryan Guzman) taking over his brother’s gig as a superhero are the highlights of the series so far, but with so many characters and very little to bind them, too many of these characters get lost in the white noise.

I’m not even sure what the big threat is for this mini-series. It looks as if we may have a light versus dark (the classic dichotomy of good versus evil) conflict as—spoiler alert perhaps but I’m not sure—a mysterious kid with “shadow” powers is shown at the end of “The Needs of the Many.” This shadow kid might be the sister Quentin (Henry Zebrowski) is looking for but again, I’m not sure. That’s right, Heroes Reborn hid the kid’s gender from viewers for reasons I don’t understand.

For being almost a quarter of the way through the mini-series, we don’t have a lot of clarification. There’s being subtle and hiding characters’ intentions but Heroes Reborn takes this too far. Fortunately, Heroes Reborn is a mini-series so I’ll keep watching a while longer.

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