Grimm Review – “You Don’t Know Jack”


Kyle’s Review

Grimm traded the weekly Wesen for introducing a yarn about Jack the Ripper. I hope this story has deeper roots instead of a just a ploy to introduce the famous serial killer. A couple of weeks ago, Renard made the comment that “most of the world’s crimes involve Wesen.” I groaned at that unbelievable statement then but pinning Jack the Ripper on a Wesen goes a little far. Still, if one of the show’s regulars has a link with these killings, I might be more inclined to accept this story, but like other weeks before it, this week’s strength rests with the ongoing arcs, namely Adalind’s pregnancy and Juliette going off the deep end.

I’m a little standoffish toward Adalind playing house – of sorts – with Nick. She’s been the antagonist for the better part of three seasons and it’s difficult to see her in any other role but it makes sense that she’d be willing to help Nick and company as much as she can. She’s protected her own hide for years and she’s gotten good at it. Nick is trapped between safeguarding Adalind and their unborn child and Juliette, the woman that he thought was the love of his life. Grimm has played up the conflicted Nick – David Giuntoli as Nick isn’t as subtle as Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen – but the stakes are high and you can see why Nick would want to side with both women in his life. Juliette has made it more and more difficult to side with her. I won’t go into any detail and drop spoilers but she may have crossed a line at the end of “You Don’t Know Jack” of which there is no return. Kudos to Grimm if they commit to this darker path but something tells me that they won’t.

The Renard storyline doesn’t interest me that much but if he’s involved in the Jack the Ripper arc somehow, I could get invested in the story. Nick’s mom (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) should make another appearance and that’s always a good sign, and all of these story arc noodles are getting tied together, making that final push for a solid finale.

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