Bob’s Burgers Review – “Eat, Spray, Linda”


Kyle’s Review

Ordinarily, I’d say that going from a Gene-centric story last week to a Linda-centric story this week would be too much – they’re two of the shallowest characters on Bob’s Burgers – but “Eat, Spray, Linda” overcame its Linda-ness. This Linda-driven story broke away from her need to be a star and focused on a woman worried about growing old. This not only served as a good divergence from the usual, it gave some insight as to why Linda would want to be a star: she’s afraid of her own mortality.

That last line may have been an overstatement but at the very least, “Eat, Spray, Linda” humanized Linda. She went through the ringer – in typical sitcom fashion – this episode and the rest of the family learned a lot about her. Linda may not have the glamorous life she envisions but she still lives an interesting one. Plus, Linda, according to one of this week’s songs, “BMs in the PM.”

That might have been too much information but it’s these windows into these characters (maybe not the bathroom window) that makes Bob’s Burgers a joy and if you follow Bob’s Burgers, you’ll enjoy “Eat, Spray, Linda.”

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