Grimm Review “Star-Crossed”


Kyle’s Thoughts

Even though “Star-Crossed” is the title for this week’s Grimm and Valentine’s Day was in the same week, the show had nothing to do with star-crossed lovers. While I appreciated the fact that Grimm didn’t fall into a Valentine’s cliché, and there were plenty of things Grimm did well, that doesn’t mean “Star-Crossed” didn’t have its issues.

I liked Grimm’s return to the police procedural. In fact, there were stretches this week where someone could’ve walked into the show in progress and mistake Grimm for an NCIS clone. Unfortunately, Grimm borrowed everything from police procedural shows. The killer leaves a series of clues the team must deduce. Check. Research leads to one a few (or one) suspects in which to narrow the search. Check. A couple of red herrings are introduced to keep viewers guessing until the end. Check. The final solution tricks most people. Yeah, but the worst part about the show was that it threw in the killer as an afterthought.

Okay, the worst part may be the dialogue or the manner in which it was delivered, specifically Juliette/Eve. The dialogue was atrocious during Eve’s interrogation scene. First, you see no evil. Then, you speak no evil. And what comes next? Groan, that’s what comes next. The delivery was just as bad as the words spoken. Eve is supposed to be a new soul, or something, but she comes off as robotic.

Despite those shortcomings, “Star-Crossed” had a satisfying final scene between Nick and Hank. I won’t spoil it here, but it worked with the show’s theme and put a nice bow on it. If it wasn’t for the other groan-inducing moments of the episode, the scene may have even given me goosebumps. And the show’s doing a great job of setting up how deep the Black Claw goes in wesen culture; this week’s killer adheres to ancient wesen practices, so even though this was just a mystery of the week, the continuing story had a chance to develop. I’m sure we’ll see a big payoff.

“Star-Crossed” had its share of hiccups but nothing that would deter me from watching Grimm. Let’s hope the good out-numbers the not-so-good in the coming episodes as the show works towards a strong finale.

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