Grimm Review: “Lost Boys”


Kyle’s Review

Grimm channeled Peter Pan with this week’s “Lost Boys,” and the result was a disturbing story—in the best way—that had more to do with Grimm’s ongoing plot lines than meets the eye. I’m not sure if Nick is fully back on the force as Monroe came to Nick directly when Rosalee gets kidnapped. I probably said too much already for folks who haven’t seen the show. It’s difficult not to give away things in this review, so consider this warning for the rest of the write-up. Wesen kids who ran away from the foster care system kidnapped another woman, who died accidently, and that’s when Rosalee gets snatched by the same kids.

These children force Rosalee to play house and that’s where you feel sympathy for the antagonists: it’s not that they’re evil; they want to be loved and taken care of. With the help of Monroe, Nick and Hank track down Rosalee and the beast kids, and it almost felt like Grimm hit the reset button. Nick, Monroe, and Hank were the original wesen hunters. Nick would finish the detective work, Hank would add his two cents, and Monroe would track down the wesen of the week, and those things happened in “Lost Boys,” but these wesen weren’t your typical wesen of the week. Once the kids get sent to an orphanage, the headmaster reveals himself to be a wesen and he plans to recruit the kids for his army.

Yikes! I’m liking this dark turn and Grimm’s return to basics. Trubel showed up—and she’ll factor into the main story again—and we physically saw several other characters, but it was nice to trim the fat for one week. I’m even digging Adalind and Nick’s new home: empty, stark, and defensible. It’s as if they’re playing house but everything’s off just a smidge, and that smidge makes all the difference.

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