Bob’s Burgers Review: “Nice-Capades”


Kyle’s Review

Bob’s Burgers got back on track with this week’s “Nice-Capades.” I love it when Bob’s Burgers focuses on family, strong character development, and squeezes in a revelation by one of its many characters and this week’s episode had plenty of all.

I don’t want to spoil anything but I fear I’ll have to a little bit here, so you’ve been warned. The Belcher kids boot the mall’s Santa out of a massage chair, which prompts the mall Santa to warn them that he’s the real Santa’s eyes and ears. The rest of “Nice-Capades” revolves around the kids trying to make nice with the mall Santa. When every small gesture fails, they put on an ice show, hence the “capades.”

“Nice-Capades” highlights Louise’s hair-brained idea, Linda’s singing, Gene’s show tunes, a couple of Fishoeder cameos, and Tina playing the part of Linus from A Charlie Brown Christmas, basically everything viewers have come to expect from a solid family-centric Bob’s Burgers episode. The twist in the change Louise makes. I’m afraid I’ve said too much, but we don’t see Louise break down that often and she does here, making “Nice-Capades” a standout episode of Bob’s Burgers’s young season.

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