Grimm Review – “Cry Havoc”


Kyle’s Review

Arrow started the trend of no cliff-hangers for next season and it looks as though Grimm continues that trend. That’s not to say that “Cry Havoc” didn’t leave things messy. A major character died, a few other minor characters died, too, and we finally had a resistance sighting—Grimm teased us with them earlier this season. I’m not convinced that the major character died but even without that, Grimm should be darker next season like it was during its first season and that should get fans excited.

Grimm fans rejoice. The show was renewed for a fifth season in February, so we should see resolutions to this season’s loose-ends. I know I said that Grimm had no cliff-hangers but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of story threads to work with after the finale. Adalind should give birth to her and Nick’s child. Adalind’s other child, the magical one-year-old who looks like she’s four (Grimm still hasn’t explained that), was all kinds of creepy and should factor into the aforementioned resistance. Trubel’s back and she may have brought more trouble with her. About the only thing that didn’t carry over was the Renard/Jack the Ripper storyline—Renard got a convenient alibi/patsy. I thought that story was dead last week and this week confirmed my suspicions.

I still would’ve liked more (consequences or something) with the Renard story arc than what we got but overall, this was a solid Grimm season four finale with plenty of revenge and backstabbing that it earned the episode’s title “Cry Havoc.”

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