Geekly TV: January 16, 2015

We’re waiting until most of the shows are back on the air before we switch back to our twice a week TV review schedule. Until then, you’ll have to settle for TV review Friday. Enjoy.


Bob’s Burgers

Kyle’s Review

This season of Bob’s Burgers has given us some great shows based on movies and “Speakeasy Rider” is no different. The title also tells you what the episode’s about. The Belcher children replace Easy Rider’s motorcycles with go carts (and go cart racing), while the parents exchange the bootleg hooch of a speakeasy with Teddy’s – illegal to sell at a restaurant – home brew.

We get less of Tina. That’s a good thing since I was suffering from Tina-fatigue. Don’t get me wrong, I like Tina as a character, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. This episode balances the characters to near perfection.

The kids get equal time as do the parents and while Teddy’s bumbling antics add spice, I loved the triumphant return of Hugo the health inspector. We haven’t seen him for at least one full season and while tension has waned since Hugo has moved on from his deep like of Linda, he still proves that he’s as good of a foil for the Belchers as Jimmy Pesto.

Verdict: A solid episode after last week’s hiccup.


Marvel’s Agent Carter

Kyle’s Review

I’m still digging this miniseries. The setting feels right, Peggy serves as a strong female lead, and Jarvis is a great sidekick. I’m glad to see him as more than a computer program.

Sousa remains the sole island of acceptance in the SSR’s ocean of chauvinism, but at least the waters were calmer this episode—until the end, that is—and the biggest issue I had with this episode was the ending. We get a somewhat touching scene where the director has to call an agent’s wife. Before the director leaves our periphery, another agent says that he’ll call the agent’s girlfriend.

Really? It’s one thing to have adultery in the office but calling an agent’s girlfriend is condoning the behavior. There’s no love lost for the fallen agent, but this one action loses any kind of sympathy for the agency as a whole. What’s worse is that the agent calls the mistress before the director can get to his office, so the mistress will know before the agent’s wife.

Other than that one gripe, this episode was another solid one. Too bad Agent Carter is only slated for eight episodes. I see the Howard Stark’s toys are on the loose having some real legs. We see where Tony gets his ideas through his father. Hopefully, this miniseries will serve as a testing ground for an extended series.

One last question: What’s up with demoralizing Sousa? One of the agents tells Sousa that he won’t ever get with Agent Carter because there’s no way she’d go from Cap to a guy who uses crutches. This is insulting to both Peggy and Sousa. Dial down this dialog and then you’ll have a show that could have a longer shelf life than Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

Verdict: Looking good so far.

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