Detective Comics: October 2014



Jim’s Review

We have a new creative team for this arc, apparently. I will say the shift from the sort of aesthetic we’ve been getting from Francis Manapul to what we see here is jarring. There’s a lot of play on light and shadow, which you’d expect in anything related to Batman, but there’s a certain muted quality to the panels that adds something of a retro feel to the story.

Speaking of the story, we’re set up for a bit of a mystery on a plane. That, combined with the aforementioned retro look to the art, makes this feel like a little bit like an old Twilight Zone episode at first. My initial reaction here is to dislike it, but if I’m being honest, there’s a good chance that it’s just because it feels so different from what I expected. What changed my tune a bit here was the ending. This book leaves us on what I feel is more familiar (and more interesting) Batman ground, and while I’m still getting used to the art, the story seems promising. If nothing else, you’ll most likely have to pick this one up if you want to read part 2 of this arc.

Verdict: Not bad.