Bob’s Burgers: “Teen-A-Witch”


Kyle’s Thoughts

“Teen-A-Witch” covers old and new ground. We’ve seen Tina become obsessed with something, especially around Halloween. Remember when she had a ghost boyfriend she kept in a box? This year, she’s all about the dark arts, but since Tina wanders into the dark side, she gains something we haven’t seen from her: an edge.

Okay. We’ve seen Bad Tina and Dina before but this witchy Tina has a nasty streak that we haven’t seen. “Teen-A-Witch” is a lot like “Flu-ouise” earlier this season. It’s focused entirely on the titular character. In fact, “Teen-A-Witch” takes this focus to a whole new level. We at least caught a whisper of other characters during “Flu-ouise;” “Teen-A-Witch” shuns most other Bob’s Burgers characters. Fortunately, Tina’s one of the better characters and I don’t mind the tunnel vision.

We don’t learn anything new about Tina (she still like-likes Jimmy Junior, is obsessed with butts and butt touching, and suffers from the occasional panic attack). The only thing truly new about Tina is her mean streak, but perhaps that’s all we need. Bob’s Burgers has a knack for adding to their characters. This may not be the last we’ve seen of a Tina who would put spells on her classmates, talk sass to her parents and teachers, and strut the school halls. I wouldn’t mind it if witchy Tina makes another appearance or two.

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