Bob’s Burgers Review – “The Oeder Games”


Kyle’s Review

“Hawk & Chick” was the sentimental half to Bob’s Burgers season finale, while “The Oeder Games” ends things with a laugh. Even though Bob’s Burgers appropriates the episode’s name from The Hunger Games (Zeke, addressing Jimmy Junior, says, “You’re the Katniss to my Pita Bread”), this episode plays more like a classic Community water gun finale.

Mister Fishoeder plans to raise everyone’s rent and when his tenants tell him that they plan to strike, he sets up a last-man-standing water balloon fight. Bob tries to keep everyone together in their strike but no one listens because Mr. Fishoeder promises half rent to the winner. Wet and wild fun breaks loose.

Linda forfeits her bra for a water balloon cannon, Gene and Louise search for high ground, Tina steadies her solo balloon to gain Jimmy Junior’s affections, and Jimmy Senior uses his twins as human shields. I won’t go into any further detail but “The Oeder Games” ends well, with Mr. Fishoeder coming clean with why he wants to raise the rent and both sides coming to a compromise.

“The Oeder Games” is mindless fun but it’s a good way to end Bob’s Burgers’ fifth season. I just think it would’ve been more at home with Community.

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