Bob’s Burgers Review – “Hawk & Chick”


Kyle’s Review

I’ll start this Bob’s Burgers review by saying that there’s no way I can be impartial; “Hawk & Chick” hits too close to home. I also don’t like giving away too much of the plot during these reviews but it’s going to be hard this week. That said, here’s a quick run-down of the episode.

Louise grew up watching a samurai movie series with her father where a father and daughter fight monsters, and that reminds me of my daughter and me watching anime and reading manga together. Getting back to Bob and his daughter, they run into the father in those samurai movies and find that he hasn’t seen his daughter in decades after his wife took her in their divorce. The actor shares that his daughter is in town, and after hearing this, Bob and Louise plan to reconnect the estranged father and daughter by putting on a midnight showing of Hawk & Chick at the local theater and inviting the two stars, unbeknownst to the daughter. Halfway through the screening, the daughter tries to leave and that’s when she bumps into her father. Awkwardness ensues but the episode finds a happy ending.

In short, I liked “Hawk & Chick.” How could I not? You knew that Bob would draw parallels to his and Louise’s relationship – much like I did with my daughter’s – but Louise found similarities as well. Louise found herself saying, “It’s cool working with your dad—I mean, your dad. Wait! Is that what’s going to happen to me?” Bob reassures her that they’ll stay close and that thread ends as happily as Hawk and Chick’s.

We didn’t get too many revelations from the other members of the cast, except for Linda who has underwear that’s thirty-years-old, but “Hawk and Chick” was still a strong episode in a great season of Bob’s Burgers.

2 thoughts on “Bob’s Burgers Review – “Hawk & Chick”

  1. Thanks for the strong review. I may be a skosh biased, but I think this is the very best episode of “Bob’s Burgers” ever. Okay, the ep in the museum was terrific … and I really like “The Kids Rob a Train” … and “THe Kids Run Away” was brilliant brilliant brilliant … but “Hawk and Chick” shows all the power of animation to tell a solid, heartfelt, emotional story. Domo arigatou — “Rising Hawk”


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