Bob’s Burgers: “Glued: Where’s My Bob”


Kyle’s Thoughts

Ah. “Glued: Where’s My Bob” was the injection of adrenaline I was wanting. Usually, I don’t like double-header episodes—networks have been doing too much of those lately, just ask Agent Carter—but “Glued” ended the week on a fun note.

This episode started off in the oddest way possible. The intro music didn’t play and the storefront next to Bob’s Burgers had a tenant: The 100 cent Store. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen an actual store next to Bob’s Burgers, besides the ones in the opening scene. These clues let us know that we were in for a different kind of episode, and “Glued: Where’s My Bob” delivered. It’ll be difficult to go into details without ruining the episode, so consider this a spoiler alert.

The kids begin with a goop war: grab sticky food stuff and slather it on objects to goop your siblings. This led to some goop puns like “goop, there it is” and “Goopsuit riot.” Bob becomes a victim of one of these pranks: gluing the toilet seat. Cue a popular dining magazine wanting to cover Bob in an article, and one of the best original Bob’s Burgers songs in a while “Bad Stuff Happens in the Bathroom.”

“Glued: Where’s My Bob” may have devolved into potty humor but it’s wonderfully absurd potty humor. The guest stars were on point (Gretchen, Marshmallow, and Ken Jeong as Doctor Yapp), and the one liners made me bust a gut.

Gretchen: Like this isn’t the first time I’ve done someone’s hair while they’re on the toilet.

The thong wearing roller skate dude: We’re all glued to a toilet called Earth.

Gene (in response to Coasters magazine walking in on Bob glued on the toilet): Um, his eyes are up here.

The second half of Bob’s Burgers’ doubleheader reminded us of one of the many reasons we watch the show: it’s fun.

Thanks for reading.

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