Arrow Spoilers: Week of December 12, 2014

Thea is Sara’s Killer

Up until the mid-season finale I didn’t give much credence to the growing idea (on the internet) that Thea killed Sara, but it was obvious she did the deed early in this episode. We knew the killer was a diminutive archer (code for female), Ollie’s DNA (or someone whose DNA was close to his like Thea’s) was found on the arrows that killed Sara, and we saw Thea accompany Merlyn to Starling City before they returned for good. I wished they had said Thea killed Sara on her on accord instead of Merlyn giving her the mind whammy. Thea killing Sara because she wanted to protect her father would’ve made for a great subplot.

Yellow Blur

Did you catch the news headline on one of the web feeds Felicity had on her computer while she was working? Mysterious Yellow Blur Attacks S.T.A.R. Labs!

That’s an Easter egg for The Flash mid-season finale The Man in the Yellow Suit.

We have another A.T.O.M. Sighting

Palmer revealed to Felicity that he bought Queen Consolidated so he could use their O.M.A.C. technology to help save Starling City. He calls his tweakage the A.T.O.M. (Advanced Technology Operating Mechanism) Exosuit. Hopefully, this means that we’re closer to seeing one of DC Comics beloved characters The Atom. The Atom should make a nice fill-in superhero while Ollie gets himself together. Which leads to our next segment.

More of a Clifffaller than a Cliffhanger

Ollie gets Ra’s Al Ghul’s sword to the chest and gets tossed from a cliff. Ouch.
Good thing that no one stays dead in comics long, and it helps that Ollie’s chilling with Ra’s Al Ghul. There should be a Lazarus Pit nearby. Still, Arrow enters hiatus on an interesting note.