The Flash Spoilers: Week of December 12, 2014

She Has a Familiar Face

Amanda Pays played Dr. Tina McGee on this episode of The Flash. Dr. McGee teamed up with the Flash in the DC Comics world as a member of S.T.A.R. Labs. Think of her as the Caitlin Snow before Caitlin Snow. But if Pays looked familiar to you, it’s because she reprised her role of Tina McGee from The Flash TV series in the 90s.


Ready or not, but Mark Hamill plans to reprise his nineties role as the Trickster, too. In case you were wondering, that’s not a joke.


Ronnie isn’t quite Himself

We saw quite a bit of Firestorm in this episode, and Firestorm has been at the center of some pretty big DC Comics events. He had a major role in most of the Crisis events as well as Blackest Night/Brightest Day, and Flashpoint. We’re unsure which way the Flash creative team intends to go with this storyline, but they have plenty of options, and Firestorm – with his ability to manipulate matter on a subatomic level – has to be the most powerful character on The Flash. Good thing he’s on Barry’s side—we think.

Dr. Wells Is Who We Thought He Was

It’s official. Dr. Wells is the Reverse-Flash (or Professor Zoom). Considering the way he’s acted, this Reverse-Flash is more the father-figure type or the “I need you to know who you are, so I can be who I’m supposed to be” Reverse-Flash.

I guess Team Flash named Detective West’s partner Eddie Thane to throw us off the scent. Thane was the name given to Professor Zoom for a DC Comics animated movie, but that makes me wonder if Thane isn’t the future Booster Gold.

We were promised a Booster Gold sighting, and there were leaks at the beginning of the season that we’d see Thane versus Wells at some point. That could be a reference to the task force Thane’s assembling, but regardless if Thane’s Booster Gold or not, here’s hoping Team Flash gives us an appearance of one of DC Comics most bizarre superheroes.

Check Out Dr. Wells’ Bling


When Wells definitively revealed that he’s Reverse Flash at the end of this episode, he had on a Flash ring. Flash fans will recognize the ring as the one Barry kept his costume bottled up in for easy storage and deployment. We heard rumblings that the device would make its way to the small screen, but it’s nice to see them use the gadget in an interesting way.