Arrow Secrets: February 20, 2015

Beastmaster as General Shrieve
When I saw The Beastmaster’s Marc Singer make an appearance as General Shrieve, the guy who says he’ll debrief Ollie in China, I thought that was an interesting choice. You might remember General Shrieve as the human leader of a group of monsters known in the DC Universe as the Creature Commandos. This team, comprised of a werewolf, a vampire, and Frankenstein’s monster, has kicked evil’s tail since World War II. Could we see these monsters on the streets Starling City? Maybe.

Diggle’s Big Brother
Diggle’s brother Andy makes his first onscreen appearance, but you may have seen him in the original Arrow comics during Season One. Fun fact: Eugene Byrd, who plays Andy Diggle, appeared in Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid with Karl Yune, who plays Maseo.

There’s Another Prisoner
Was I the only one straining his eyes to catch a glimpse of Captain Boomerang in the corner of my screen when Ollie told Thea that there was another prisoner on the island? Obviously not. Plenty of fans asked where Boomerang was when they found out that Slade would fight Oliver and Thea on Lian Yu. This was yet another shortcoming in Merlyn’s plan. Why not test Oliver and Thea’s limits by unleashing a second psychotic assassin?

Flashback References
Looks like Arrow already had his voice down before returning to Starling City in earnest
Ollie wearing a green hoodie
The cop referring to the death of Jordan the drug dealer as an act of a vigilante
Detective Lance inadvertently naming his daughter a black canary
The grease paint line

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