Arrow Review: “Schism”


Jim’s Thoughts

Remember last week, when I said I didn’t have a single positive point to make about the episode? Yeah, well, Arrow decided to serve up a second helping of that. I actually mean that almost literally. Darhk got hold of Rubicon again and relaunched the nukes. Yep. It’s wash, rinse, and repeat now.

The one thing I can say for this episode is at least Oliver got to fight Darhk this time. He didn’t just guard the door while Felicity tapped at a keyboard. That was a huge part of the episode, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t all of it.

I think the actors got a bonus every time they used the word “darkness” in this episode, but that’s a nitpick among so many serious issues.

This episode would have felt like a mercy flush if it hadn’t ended with Felicity saying she wasn’t going anywhere. I should be sorry to see the show end, and excited for the next season, but at this point, Arrow has to start strong in the next season. They need to win me back.

Kyle’s Take

What does a guy have to do to end the world in peace?

I could pile on to what Jim has already said, but “Schism” has been universally panned. IGN, who had been giving Arrow an average score of 7.8, gave “Schism” a 3.8. Ouch! IMDB had an average score of 8.6 for most Arrow episodes, and “Schism’s” score as of this review is a 5.9. “Schism” is awful. Let’s bask in its horrendous, third grade writing level dialogue.
Felicity: Go to Hell.
Damien: Why bother? I’m going to bring it to us.

Damien: Fifteen minutes ‘til the end of the world and you want to spend them with me. I am touched.

Damien: Oh, you brought friends. That’s okay, so did I. (Cue a goofy looking action scene.)

Felicity: I’m saying that there’s a man who killed Darhk in cold blood, and that same man stood on top of a car and gave the city its hope back. What you’re feeling isn’t darkness, it’s a schism. You’re at war with two sides of yourself.

Way to work the episode’s title “Schism” into dialogue, Arrow. Perhaps you should’ve looked up the word in a dictionary before using it. Ollie may be at odds with himself but he isn’t splitting up with himself, and Team Arrow may be splitting up but it’s not because they disagree on something; they all agree that they need a break.

I need this break from Arrow, too. Hopefully, things get on the right track next season, but Arrow is on the shortest of leashes.

Thanks for reading.

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