Upcoming Super Movies

We found the following picture of upcoming comic book movies and decided to post it.

Original source is Comics Alliance

This pic doesn’t have all the geeky goods–it only covers upcoming comic book based movies–and all the dates can change from now and when the movies get released, but let’s do some quick takes for the films that have closer release dates.

Avengers: Age of Ultron
2015, the year of Marvel movies, kicks things off right with the anticipated sequel to 2012’s Avengers. The gang returns with some additions: Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Warmachine (making his Avengers film debut), Vision, and the titular character Ultron.

Hopefully, Age of Ultron won’t follow the story arc of the abysmal comic of the same name. It doesn’t appear that it will. I’m cool with changing Ultron’s creator from Pym to Stark–Marvel hasn’t introduced Pym yet–but I’m not sure how Ultron ties into the growing Infinity War. I trust Marvel’s creative team, and I don’t plan to leave the theater until after the tail end of the credits roll.

Check out the extended trailer:

We get introduced to Hank Pym a couple of months after Age of Ultron when he gets his own movie Ant-Man. Michael Douglas plays Pym, but he’s not the one jumping around in tights. Paul Rudd fills Pym’s thief turned protegé Scott Lang, and Lang’s the one riding a flying ant.

To the best of our knowledge, this movie follows the comic. Lang is the second man to don the Ant-Man mantle. He was a thief, who mended his ways after his daughter becomes ill, and Jim will love the fact that Hayley Atwell–a.k.a Hotwell–might find her way on the screen as Agent Carter.

Here’s the trailer. Enjoy.

Fantastic Four
Fox comes out with their attempt to hold onto the Fantastic Four franchise–so long as they keep making movies, Marvel can’t get the rights. But the Fantastic Four reboot has gained a lot of buzz. This shows that people want to see a good Fantastic Four movie.

It remains to be seen if this will be a good FF movie. I hope it is. I’m alright with recasting Johnny as an African-American. So long as the cast has chemistry, I don’t care if Johnny and Sue are twin brother and sister or if one of them is adopted. But Dr. Doom as an IT specialist? What? Tell me that’s an April Fool’s joke in February. I can’t see Doom saying, “Do as I command, Richards, or I won’t give you tech support.”

Check out the Fantastic Four trailer:

Not much is known about this film yet except that Ryan Reynolds will reprise his role as Wade Wilson/Deadpool. Thank goodness. I think I join most fans by saying that I liked him more as Deadpool than as Green Lantern. We don’t have a trailer yet, but the internet leaked a test video of the movie some time ago.

Here’s that leaked movie-test video:


Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice
Batman and Superman have no reason to fight each other–unless we’re talking mind control for one of them. Sure, they’re opposite sides of a coin, but they’re part of the same coin. So I hope the title misleads us, but they’ll have to show at least one scene of the two of them fighting. I’d be down for a bout similar to Thor and Iron Man’s in Avengers.

Thankfully, we’ll see Wonder Woman in this film. You can’t have a not-so-subtle reference to the Justice League in your title without having at least one other member of the JL. I know that the idea of this film turns Jim’s stomach, but I’ll withhold judgment. For now.

Sadly, there isn’t an official or even a trusted unofficial video for Dawn of Justice…yet.

Captain America: Civil War
We get another Cap movie? Score. The movie’s based on the Civil War storyline? Meh.

If you don’t know the Civil War storyline, look no further than The Incredibles. The government institutes a super-power registry with which to monitor superheroes. That doesn’t sound so bad, but Cap is anti-registry, while Stark’s pro-registry. On what alternate universe is Stark pro-registry? He defies the government from confiscating his suits of armor in the second Iron Man movie. Again, I trust the Marvel team, and Captain America: Winter Soldier was arguably the best superhero movie of all time.

Still too soon for a Captain America: Civil War trailer, and the announcement video from Marvel’s media day doesn’t want to load into this post. Sorry for the inconvenience.

X-Men: Apocalypse
Who was that young, thin, blue-skinned dude at the end of X-Men: Days of Future Past? That’d be Apocalypse in ancient Egypt, and he’s getting his own movie treatment in spring 2016.

Fox plans to bring back the core cast from Days of Future Past and add Apocalypse (obviously) and Channing Tatum as Gambit. We’ll have to see about Tatum. We’ll also see Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Storm recast as well as the return of Rose Byrne as MacTaggert (X-Men: First Class). Not much is known about the script, yet. And there’s no word as to whether or not Nightcrawler will make another appearance. Director Bryan Singer has said he wants to include him.

Just in case you missed it, here’s the closing credits scene in Days of Future Past:

Suicide Squad
Incarcerated anti-heroes with explosive devices attached to their spinal cords go on “suicide” missions.

We know the cast–check our previous JK Casting Couch post–and we know that The Joker factors into the script. Again, I’ll withhold judgment, but I can’t see The Joker as either a member of the Suicide Squad or as the Suicide Squad’s foil. I will say that the Suicide Squad is my most anticipated DC Comics movie in the next year and a half.

Sorry. We’ll have to wait for a trailer for this movie, too.

Beyond the summer of 2016
We’ll stop here for now. The more we travel beyond the summer of 2016, the less we know about the projects, but we’ve got a lot to look forward to in the coming months.

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