Variable Player Powers/Abilities

The variable player powers/abilities game mechanic grants different abilities and/or paths to victory for each player. These powers are almost always unique, but some can change during the course of a game. Some games may have the player earn new abilities as the player’s units gain more experience (Resident Evil Deck Building Game), while others may provide new powers as the player’s units receive more damage (HeroClix). Small World mixes and matches powers with units throughout the course of a game: an elf in the beginning of one gaming session won’t have the same power as an elf later on in the same session.

Still other variable player powers/abilities games may have the player retain their powers throughout the course of the entire game, but the powers for each player are diverse. Ogre pits one player controlling a single powerful unit against another player using numerous weaker units, resulting in a balanced game, while Sentinels of the Multiverse has each player in control of a super hero with their own arsenal of powers.