The Flash Secrets: “Potential Energy”


The Turtle

Ah, The Turtle is the successor to the Golden Age Flash (Jay Garrick) villain Turtle Man, the Slowest Man in the World. He created a weapon that placed The Flash in a stasis field that caused him to hallucinate. If this sounds like a variant of Captain Cold’s Cold Gun, you’d be right but stasis is a little fancier than going Bird’s Eye and freezing things.

Naydel Library

Naydel Library

The Turtle holed up in the Naydel Library. He just so happened to be created by Gardner Fox and Martin Naydel in the ‘40s so there might be a reason for the locale’s name.


Cisco’s White Whale

“From Death’s heart I stab at thee” is just one of many nods Cisco made with the classic Moby-Dick. Eat your heart out, Captain Ahab.

Supergirl Laura Vandervoort

Vandervoort Diamonds

Arrow and Flash make it a point to reference something when giving something a family name and Vandervoort Diamonds is no different. Laura Vandervoort portrayed Supergirl on Smallville and she’s on tap to play Brainiac-8 on Supergirl. Flash and Supergirl share showrunners, so this can’t be a coincidence.



Here’s another reference to Markovia. Arrow named the earthquake device (Malcolm Merlyn used during the Undertaking) after Dr. Brion Markov. In the comics Markov is the prince of Markovia and the superhero Geo-Force, who has geo-kinesis powers.

Stephen Amell as Casey Jones in TMNT

30-Something, Metahuman, Not-a-Ninja Turtle

Yeah, that’s a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle joke and the above picture is Stephen Amell (Arrow) as Casey Jones in the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Flash couldn’t help but make a reference to their buddy in green.


Midway City University

Patty intends to go to college in Midway City, the fictional home city of Hawkman, the Doom Patrol, and many others. Caitlin mentioned she had a cousin who lives in Midway City but that might have been a cover for Firestorm. Coincidentally, Midway City is the setting for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie.


Keystone City

Wally and Jay Garrick are from Keystone City, Central City’s twin city, and The Flash established that Eobard Thawne hails from the same town. Reverse-Flash’s return may have happened in Keystone City. We’ll have to wait and see.

Did you miss our Flash “Potential Energy” review? Here’s a link. Thanks for reading.

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