The Flash Secrets: January 23, 2015


Space Ghost: Central to Coast City

Did you catch a glimpse at Barry’s comics? Apparently, he read Space Ghost. Yay! If The Flash maintains DC’s Silver Age continuity, we’ll learn that some of these comics chronicle the real adventures of Earth 2’s superheroes. Does this mean that the original Flash, Jay Garrick, might make an appearance?

Jason Rusch

The guy Caitlin Snow visits is none other than the third Firestorm. We also find out that Firestorm is an acronym just like Arrow’s Atom. I wonder what they’ll convert into an acronym next. How about Bizarro? Oh, wait. That’d mean that the CW’s DC Universe would have to acknowledge the existence of Superman, and we can’t have that.

The Fastest Reader Alive?

I’m sure Barry could flip through the pages of a book at lightning speed. But he can comprehend what he sees? Does this mean that he could become the Smartest Man Alive? We’ll have to wait and find out.


Who is Lisa Snart?

In the DC Universe, Leonard Snart (Captain Cold) does have a sister. Her name’s Lisa and she becomes the Golden Glider. We see Snart’s sis break Cold out of an armored van at the end of this episode. I’m not sure if Glider’s ice skating power – yes, her special ability plays off of Cold’s power – is enough to crack open a prison transport, so it wouldn’t shock me if The Flash deviates from the comics.

We haven’t seen the last of Lisa. Sources say that she’ll be back in episode 16 (six episodes from the one in which she makes a cameo), entitled “Rogue Time.”


The Prodigal Son Returns

Did anyone else notice Police Captain David Singh’s conspicuous cameo at the end of this episode? We haven’t seen him in a while, but we might see a lot more of him. Many sources say that the Pied Piper will make an appearance in next week’s Flash.

In the comics, the Pied Piper dates Captain Singh and from what I hear, he does in the TV series, too. But the show ratchets up the tension by making the Pied Piper Dr. Wells’ prodigal son. How will they make this web more tangled? We’ll have to see next week.

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