The Flash Secrets: “Escape from Earth-2”



Escape From…

The “Escape from…” opening to this week’s Flash title has to be a reference to the classic Kurt Russell films Escape from New York and Escape from LA.

Henry Hewitt Earth 2 The Flash

Henry Hewitt

Last week we saw that Hewitt, Tokomak on Earth-1, was one of Wells’s lab assistants on Earth-2. He returned this week and flashed some loyalty for Wells in the face of danger. Not many people would’ve hung around with Zoom in the building.

McFly Doc Brown Heavy


Whenever things became dangerous on Earth-2, Cisco would say, “Whoa, this is heavy.”

This must be a nod to Marty McFly, who said the same thing a few times in the first Back to the Future movie, and his favorite time to say the phrase was when time-travel paradoxes confused him.

The Flash Earth-2 Wanted Posters

Wanted Posters

Barry had some sweet wanted posters hanging on his office wall, and we got a good look at some metahumans we’ve seen already. Doctor Light, Atom-Smasher, Zoom, Killer Frost, Deathstorm, and Reverb all had their mugs on the wall.

The Flash Patty Spivot

Patty Spivot

On Earth-2, Patty never got sidetracked by her father’s murder and is a successful CSI.



We saw Geomancer again this week, during the Earth-1 storyline. Geomancer kept things interesting for Jay Garrick and Caitlin Snow.

In the comics, Geomancer is a Justice Society foe, so he’d be an Earth-2 villain. He was co-created by DC Chief Creative Officer and The Flash executive producer Geoff Johns.



After Killer Frost mocked Cisco for not being able to use his powers to their full potential, Cisco responded with, “It’s a work in progress, Elsa.”

It’s easy to make the comparison between Killer Frost and Elsa (from Frozen) when Caitlin sports hair that bleach blonde.

Princess Bride Cliffs of Insanity

Cliff of Insanity

Leave it to Cisco to drop another pop-culture reference. When the gang got to Zoom’s lair, he calls the place, “The Cliffs of Insanity.”

Cisco must love The Princess Bride because this is at least his fourth or fifth reference. The Cliffs of Insanity were the first location we meet Wesley and the rest of the gang. Above is a picture of Fezzik (André the Giant) scaling the cliff with Buttercup (Robin Wright) in tow.

The Flash Iron Mask

The Man in the Iron Mask

Okay. Here’s some more conjecture. The hero in the iron mask fed Barry and Jessie “Jay Garrick” through code. Could it be that the masked hero is Jay Garrick? No one can collaborate Jay’s story; he could be an evil twin. It wouldn’t be the first time this happened. We’ll have to wait and see.

Did you miss our Flash “Escape from Earth-2” review? Here’s a link. Thanks for reading.

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