The Flash Secrets: April 17, 2015


Queen Bee?

More than one name was dropped for this week’s villain, played by Emily Kinney. She was more consistently called Queen Bee and even called herself that at one point, but Queen Bee is the leader of HIVE and she may or may not be Brainiac’s daughter. The CW has a thing against mentioning Supes (or his major villains), so that might be why Queen Bee shares talents and a surname with another DC Comics Universe villain.


The Bug-Eyed Bandit?

Cisco and Caitlin’s gaff at Brie Larvan was more than an off-the-cuff remark. The Bug-Eyed Bandit exists in the DC Comics Universe but he’s a guy named Bertram Larvan and he makes more than robotic bees. He’s tinkered around with mechanized beetles, mites, and spiders. Why did Brie have to focus on bees if she wasn’t the Queen Bee from the comics?


Tina McGee

Amanda Pays returned for the second time this season as Tina McGee. She originated the character in the 90’s Flash TV series. Yay. Reunited and it feels so goo-ah-ood.

Bees. Why did it have to be bees?

Cisco dropped another geekly quote this week. This time, he paid homage to Raiders of the Lost Ark with his play on Indy’s classic line, “Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?”

Look! Up in the sky!

Another classic line by The Flash crew but this one’s a Superman reference. Hey, didn’t Brandon Routh play Superman? Yep, he did. Oh, that’s a Superman reference. Someone slap the CW with a fly swatter.


What is it with billionaires being superheroes?

Yeah, right. What’s up with that? Oh, wait. Was that a peripheral reference to Batman or just one about Ollie? I’m going with the former, so I can put The Flash on notice for an unintentional Batman line and the logical end to all of the CW’s “No Superman/No Batman/No Wonder Woman” non-sense.

I’m “The Atom.”

Did Ray do a shrinking thing with his hands when he said that? Could that be the start of something special in a small package? I hope so. At any rate, we saw Ray in full Atom gear, so that’s something.


Bill or Jill Carlyle

One of Queen Bee’s victims was named Bill Carlyle but there’s a Jill Carlyle in the DCU, too. She’s the Crimson Avenger and we might see her at some point. Wasn’t there supposed to be a hard-nosed female crime fighter in the upcoming spin-off show? Here’s looking at you, Crimson Avenger.

We have the technology…

I think Ray undervalued himself when he dropped this iconic line from the $6 Million Dollar Man. Didn’t we just call him a billionaire a few points ago? Still, you’ve gotta love this tongue in cheek reference.

I’ve never had a nemesis before…

Okay, Felicity. Are you forgetting Clock King, Shrapnel, and your ex-boyfriend? Yeah, I thought so. Sure, you don’t have a Rogue’s Gallery like Batman (oh no, yet another Batman reference), but, girl, you have your share of baddies.



Emily Donn, one of The Flash’s contributing writers, pointed out that the first time Cisco died, he was vibrated to death. In this week’s episode, he’s vibrated to life. Is the writing team getting too heavy handed with the Vibe references or are we seeing what will transform Cisco into Vibe?

I don’t know but Cisco can take a bee for me anytime.

In case you missed our Flash review, make a bee-line to it here.

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