Strange Games 3

Welcome to our third week of strange tabletop games. Think you know your weird games? Guess which of these games are real and which ones are made up.

Mr. Bacon’s Big Adventure
Sail the Sausage Sea and wander the Wiener Wasteland while avoiding the Gristle Grotto and Mr. Bacon might just make it to the Great Frying Pan.

Soup ‘r Crackers
A chef has prepared a soup that fits inside a swimming pool. You have to guide your Cracker Men—who look like Gingerbread Men—through the soup.

Darkies in the Melon Patch
A Snakes and Ladders clone with some very offensive artwork.

The Nacho Incident
You sell Mexican food in Canada.

Devil Bunny Hates the Earth
You are a Taffy Machine tasked with attracting squirrels to get stuck in your works which prevents the Devil Bunny from destroying civilization.

Flip Out
A pancake card game that has players earn points by flipping their cards into the air and seeing which side the card lands on.