Constantine Spoilers: Week of December 15, 2014

You have to Protect Innocents at Any Cost

As Anne-Marie and John make their getaway from a demon, John gets shot in the shoulder by Anne-Marie of all people. She reminds John of something he said earlier in the show, “You have to protect the lives of innocents at any cost.” Then, she leaves John as bait, while she runs for freedom with a baby in tow. It’s nice to see John get played.

Anne-Marie has Guilt

Anne-Marie bares as much guilt as John, but she doesn’t carry the lost soul of Astra on her conscious. She curses herself for turning John toward the dark arts. In the comic she’s an elderly woman, but Constantine casts the young and easy-on-the-eyes Claire van der Boom. It doesn’t make as much sense that a younger Anne-Marie would introduce John to black magic, but Boom gave a good performance, and the inclusion of this shared past helped this week’s story.

Don’t we Know Anne-Marie from Somewhere

Yes. Constantine shared that Anne-Marie was there in Newcastle with John, but in the comics, she made her debut in the same issue of Swamp Thing: Growth Patterns as a little known magician named John Constantine.


What the Heck is an Invunche?


Invunches are hideous demons – that made their debut in the pages of Swamp Thing – with a nasty vendetta streak. Constantine ends its mid-season finale with one hunting down the wounded John Constantine. This doesn’t look good.