Quiz Answers: Superhero Teams

JSA02   JLA02   FantasticFour02

DoomPatrol02   x-men02   Avengers02

Were you shocked by some of these answers? Yes, no?

What you should be shocked by is that despite their popularity, X-Men started as a rip-off of Doom Patrol. Notice the taglines at the top of the comic books: “The World’s Strangest Heroes!” (Doom Patrol) versus “The Strangest Super-Heroes of All!” (X-Men). Doom Patrol had Beast Boy, and X-Men had Beast. Both teams were composed of four males and one female. We don’t really need any more do we?

We do? Okay. Brotherhood of Evil (Doom Patrol), Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (X-Men). Chief is the Doom Patrol’s redheaded and bearded, wheelchair-bound leader with a superior intellect. Professor X is the X-Men’s bald, clean-shaven, wheelchair-bound leader with telepathic powers and a superior intellect.

Enough of that. Let’s see how we did.

All 6 correct) With your superior intellect and telepathic powers, you knew the answers to this quiz before this quiz was created. Cheater!

4-5 correct) You may not have telepathic powers, but you’re so brave and bold that there’s no way Starro could take over your mind.

2-3 correct) The ground shakes, but you can’t tell if it’s caused by Mole Man’s Monsters or if the Thing is passing gas again.

0-1 correct) No one thawed you out properly. Stick the turkey back in the oven until it’s fully cooked.