Quiz Answers: Modern Comic Book Character Timeline

TimDrakeRobin02  WadeWilsonDeadpool02  Carnage02

RoseWilsonRavager02  KyleRaynerGreenLantern02  Onslaught02

The modern age of comics saw a ton of new characters and these are just a handful. Let’s see how we did, putting them in the right timeline.

All 6 correct) You really know your stuff. Everyone’s green with envy, especially Hal Jordan fans.

4-5 correct) You may have gotten some wrong but you’ve got more lives than a cat and a face that resembles kitty litter.

2-3 correct) You didn’t do too well. Perhaps you should merge your consciousness with Magneto’s.

0-1 correct) Looks like you need to develop your precognitive ability.

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