Quiz Answers: Modern Board Games Timeline

Settlers02  Carcassonne02  Alhambra02

TicketToRide02  Agricola05  SmallWorld02

Happy tenth anniversary, Ticket to Ride. Were you able to guess the age of the other five games in this group? Let’s see how we did.

All 6 correct) You built the longest route by taking the rail from New Orleans to Houston. The player to your right cursed you as you blocked them from the western half of the United States. You don’t say a word. You just smirk.

4-5 correct) You aren’t on top at the moment, but that’s nothing a horde of alchemist ghouls couldn’t fix.

2-3 correct) You’ve got meeple to meet and animeeple to brand. What are you doing playing our silly game?

0-1 correct) You’re offering wood for sheep. Anybody? Wood for sheep. You’ve got wood. You need sheep.