Quiz Answers: Lame Super Villains 2

1) Kite Man: A; 2) Oddball: D; 3) Mandrill: B; 4) Paste-Pot-Pete: C; 5) Captain Cadaver: D; 6) Ruby Thursday: C

He loves to fly kites of all sizes, and his name is Charles Brown.


The world’s greatest juggler, Oddball specializes in throwing spheroids filled with different junk.


A half-human, half-mandrill and irresistible to females, Mandrill beds any female he wants and forms an army of female slaves to become master of the world.


Glues people to the ground with his paste gun.


A three-foot vampire who wears a smiley fanged t-shirt.


Came up with a high-tech organic computer shaped like a ruby crystal ball, but instead of selling the tech to Bill Gates, she chops off her head and replaces it with the computer.