iZombie: “Some Like It Hot Mess”


Kyle’s Thoughts

“Some Like It Hot Mess” undid a lot of what wasn’t working this season and it made for a watchable episode with fewer flaws. Maybe it’s because iZombie works best when it’s a “Hot Mess.” Let’s forget I said that. I can’t go into too much detail without giving away spoilers so consider this your spoiler warning.

Turns out Blaine was faking his memory loss, sort of. He did have memory loss for a few days after he turned from a zombie back into a human—I’m still not sure how that works scientifically but this is a fantasy show so let’s go with it—and Blaine regained full cognitive function. What would happen when Peyton, Liv, and the rest found out? Crap would hit the fan.

Blaine and Peyton’s relationship ended immediately (I’m okay with CW shows killing romances and iZombie does a decent job of portraying unrequited love), and Blaine would have to decide if he’d stay the “good” person he’d become the past several months or revert to his thieving ways. That interests me.

Knowing the cure is safe, Liv could turn back to a human, but iZombie couldn’t continue for long as iHuman. Well, someone steals the last remaining cure doses and there are a couple good suspects: Blaine and Don. Ah. iZombie gets back to a good old-fashioned Whodunit. I’m on board with that development, and when Liv turned to Major for the other dose of cure Ravi gave him, Major didn’t have it. He’d given it to another female zombie. That effectively killed another budding romance and added complications. That’s another win.

Not everything was great in “Some Like It Hot Mess.” The weekly mystery had the usual red herrings but didn’t add any unusual twists iZombie can be capable of. In fact, the police procedural has been getting a raw deal all season long. At first it was the setup for Zombietopia and imminent Zombiepocalypse, then it was Detective Babineaux’s strange relationship with a zombie family. This week prevented interesting twists on the weekly mystery front due to relationship/cure drama. I’ve said this before and a little gun shy, but iZombie could be trending in the right direction.

We haven’t seen the last of the Zombietopia/Zombiepocalypse but iZombie may refract its stories in more satisfying ways. “Some Like It Hot Mess” gave me more hope than any other CW show lately. That’s something.

Thanks for reading.

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