iZombie Review – “The Exterminator”


Kyle’s Review

We learned what happens when a zombie goes several days-weeks without eating brains: they turn into the mindless monsters we all know and love. Unfortunately, that meant that Live had to rid the world of one of those brutes, a friend she knew from medical school, and she didn’t even feel remorse because of the brain she ate for dinner earlier.

I like that we saw a negative effect from one of the brains Liv consumed. Up to this point, the inclinations she’s gained from others have proven to be, at worst, mild inconveniences. This week’s sociopath of a hired gun’s brain made her heartless toward others. While this helped with her deal with the rejection from her former fiancée (I’m still not sure he’s the love interest that others have hinted at in this show), she alienated her friends and killed her former friend-turned-mindless-zombie with no remorse. As you can imagine, Liv had visions from the killer’s point of view and that was a nice twist.

Well, the killer whose brain Liv ate killed this week’s victim, but he was hired by another character. Liv has to deduce who the financer is and brings him to justice. She does so, but not before mucking up her unlife.

I continue to enjoy iZombie. It isn’t heavy stuff but it doesn’t have to be.


Another strong episode with a good twist.

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