iZombie Review: “Pour Some Sugar, Zombie”


Kyle’s Thoughts

iZombie’s balance of humor and engaging storytelling continues to place it ahead of other DC properties at the moment. I was worried the show would spiral out of control with its quantity of story arcs, but “Pour Some Sugar, Zombie” tied arcs together and formed a more cohesive iZombie whole.

The major reveal was Ravi finding out Major’s the Chaos Killer. It’s been a long time coming (that someone would discover Major’s secret) and it was handled well for the most part. I don’t want to spoil anything but the moment when Ravi confronts Major was satisfying. I do have to ding iZombie a little for having Ravi cobbling a lot of things together in short order. He went from completely trusting Major to questioning his involvement with the Chaos Killer and why he owned a safe in one episode. It’s not that these moments didn’t make sense, or even that they were out of place, but they occurred in a forty minute span, when iZombie could’ve used a little more time for development.

The other big reveal was what happened to Blaine. The zombie cure he took at the end of last episode had a side effect of amnesia. This throws a wrench in the zombie brains trade, the Mr. Boss versus Blaine story arc, and Peyton’s case against Mr. Boss. It also has ramifications for future zombies who choose to go the route of a cure. But perhaps more important than the cure affecting Blaine’s memory is divorcing Blaine’s history from the character and finding out that at his core, he’s a nice guy. That’s why fans like him as a villain.

We caught enough of Gilda to know for sure that she’s a zombie. That’s not too much of a spoiler because it looked as if there was no way she’d make it out of the basement without getting scratched by the Romero-level zombie (a prototypical, mindless zombie). The odd thing is that she’s not a mindless zombie herself. I’m sure we’ll get an explanation.

The Drake story was okay. iZombie revealed that he was working with the cops, so it wasn’t a complete shock to see that he was an undercover cop. I’m not that interested in this storyline. It did nothing more than parallel Major’s arc, back when neither Ravi nor Liv knew that he was the Chaos Killer, and now that Major’s secret is out in the open, there’s no need for Drake. And we may have seen the last of him.

Oddly enough, Liv falls in the cracks. She’s an interesting character and makes for a good protagonists, but iZombie’s an ensemble piece. She shows up as a sounding board for Ravi, Blaine, Major, and the rest. And while I like that her personality receives a twist with each new brains she consumes, it’s become difficult to see where the brains Liv eats end and her true colors begin.

The weekly mystery had the typical red herring or two thrown in to keep viewers off guard, but the best part of the mystery is that it tied into Mr. Boss. It’s funny that the first murder to have any tie to Mr. Boss would happen now, when he’s supposed to be Seattle’s mob boss. You’d think the biggest mob boss in the city would be tied to more murders. Again, this is a minor issue but it’s still believability issue.

“Pour Some Sugar, Zombie” hit on most cylinders. I’m enjoying iZombie’s sophomore season but I’m concerned that the meals Liv makes with the brains she procures from the morgue are looking too edible. I’m not saying I’ll order a BLT (brain, lettuce, and tomato) any time soon but Liv’s become so much of a foodie that despite the brains, her meals look delicious.

Thanks for reading.

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