iZombie Review: “He Blinded Me…with Science”


Kyle’s Thoughts

There’s a lot to unpack with iZombie this season. While the show runs the risk of being too much to follow, iZombie handles it well and its characters are surprisingly deep. The show also has a heap of story threads to follow but they converge and interweave in new and interesting ways each week. “He Blinded Me…with Science” was no different.

Blaine (David Anders) continues to make the audience root for him one moment and gasp the next. “He Blinded Me…with Science” was—mostly—the former. Blaine climbed out of his makeshift grave and showed restraint as he took a bus to Liv’s for a bite of brain. He knows his life’s in danger and as he’s more a villain by circumstance, one feels for him as he questions whether or not to take medicine that could cure or kill him. That is until he suggests to Major, who’s dealing with his own mess as the Chaos Killer, that he take out Liv’s current beau, Drake. I told you it’s convoluted, but you don’t realize it while you’re watching, because the characters are engaging.

Despite how much I like Blaine, Liv, Major, and the rest of the principle characters, the one character who made the biggest leap this week was Vaughn Du Clark (Steven Weber). Du Clark started on an even keel but he’s gradually slipped to an over-the-top, the more he’s taken his own drug-laced energy drink. The bottom fell out during “He Blinded Me…with Science,” when Du Clark left his only child Gilda to die at the hands of one of the more traditional zombies. The scene where he ignored his daughter’s screams was sobering and chilling.

With all the fireworks surrounding the weekly mystery, one would forget that there was a weekly mystery. It went well enough, but it was an afterthought. It wrapped up too quickly and neat to become engaging, but iZombie has a lot of ongoing plots going in the air. Some of them were resolved (specifically Drake), so there may be room for the weekly mystery next week.

iZombie continues to impress this season. It’s not just like the comic but that’s a good thing.


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