iZombie Review – “Flight of the Living Dead”


Kyle’s Review

The biggest question from this week’s iZombie, “Flight of the Living Dead,” is how big is this zombie infiltration? These zombies are less of a swarm and more trying to exist amongst the living. That’s an interesting take on zombies.

This week’s police work was more of the same. iZombie tried to add more weight to it by including one of Liv’s college mates but the show didn’t earn the intimacy required to pull off a real connection between Liv and this week’s victim. The real heavyweight was the growing zombie population.

Okay, we may have met Liv’s love interest this week. I was skeptical of including romance with zombies—and iZombie didn’t help its case by mentioning Warm Bodies—but they’re cultivating the romance angle instead of jumping right in and I could get on board with it if they build up to it. This isn’t your typical Romero zombie, so I can suspend disbelief enough for a potential romance. But I’m more interested in how many zombies there are in this world.

The biggest surprise is that there may be more than one zombie in the police department. With so many homeless disappearing, there has to be a larger conspiracy here. I can put my misgivings of a zombie romance aside for the larger picture.


The weekly mystery did little for “Flight of the Living Dead” but we did get plenty of peripheral arcs that should make for some engaging TV.

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