iZombie Review: “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter”


Kyle’s Thoughts

Usually, iZombie places personal drama on the backburner in order to tackle the zombie criminal underworld and check the boxes for a police procedural, but with an episode title like “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter,” the episode lived up to the punny name by the way, the show had to focus on romantic relationships and that part of the show was okay, even though I didn’t buy into any of the relationships. I had forgotten about the bouncer zombie working for Blaine and his and Liv’s relationship won’t last. Peyton’s affair with Blaine is a plot device. Now she’s stuck with him as a star witness against a crime lord despite her knowledge of the murders Blaine committed. She may have to maintain the romance for a while, and that might get interesting, but the affair was always a plot device to insert Peyton in the middle of the zombie madness and further tie in the criminal element into the main arc.

Liv and company are back in action. She had been on the outs with Detective Babineaux before the mid-season break and they’ve recaptured their working relationship, so that’s good. From a police procedural aspect, “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter” was by the book. Seriously. The gang did a good job of detective work, but the weekly mystery’s solve was obvious, down to the red herrings that kept you guessing.

The zombie underworld got the shaft but not really. Blaine was physically in this episode but he wasn’t moving pieces behind the scene and still, he may have found the biggest pawn in his plan: the aforementioned assistant DA Peyton. Next week should see a lot more underworld action.

Major almost got caught as the zombie killer but he escaped just before Detective Babineaux discovered his identity. But Major left a clue and that’s a great thing. The pieces are in place for a dramatic build to a season finale.

“Fifty Shades of Grey Matter” also had Liv on sex-starved librarian brain and it was awkward and silly to see her lust after every man on the screen. The episode didn’t do everything well but it had enough bright spots and it earned its title. There were things introduced in this episode that should have lastly ramifications on Liv and the rest of the gang, and that holds my interest.

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