iZombie Review – “Astroburger”


Kyle’s Review

iZombie took another step forward this week with “Astroburger.” It was only a matter of time before a brain tainted with a mental illness found its way through Liv’s lips. The results were delightful unpredictability and as a result, “Astroburger” was the most light-hearted episode of iZombie to date, showcasing the source material’s penchant for quirky humor.

The majority of the show’s absurdity radiated from Liv’s episodes, you’ve gotta love a talking potato chip mascot, but the same things that jumped out as odd turn out to have some basis in this week’s mystery’s solution. You couldn’t trust anything in this episode, since we see the show through Liv’s eyes, but everything Liv experiences comes into play. iZombie does a wonderful job of weaving the real with the unreal. I know I’m talking in generalities but that’s because I don’t want to provide any spoilers. I won’t spoil any of the mystery’s hijinks, but I will reveal some ongoing storyline spoilers.

The story arc that tied Major into the rest of the show’s plot threads dried up, so he has to find out that zombies exist. He does in “Astroburger,” and the results aren’t good for Liv. Dr. Chakrabarti, Liv’s boss, may have found a cure for zombism and that brings Blaine by the lab/morgue. Okay, the cure and the fact that the zombie police Lieutenant informed Blaine that Liv might know more about the zombie underworld than she lets on brought Blaine to Liv’s home base.

Things are coming to a head for iZombie’s first season. We should get some resolution to the zombie cure, or lack thereof because I don’t see a cure for this disease in the offing any time soon, and the zombie underworld should come into focus too. iZombie has had an up and down season but it’s headed to a nice place with “Astroburger.”

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