Grimm Review – “Iron Hans”


Kyle’s Review

This week’s episode of Grimm, “Iron Hans,” was a partial return to form to Grimm’s earlier season success. The Wesen of the week brought Monroe’s choice of non-violence back in the lime light – and I like the fact that Grimm returned to familiar Wesen instead of introducing a new Wesen, which meant that they didn’t have to waste the majority of the show’s hour explaining why we should care about this new Wesen – but the continuing stories shined the brightest.

Adalind’s love child with Nick reached critical mass. Juliette embraced her hexenbiest and I’m mostly on board with her vengeance, since Nick sided with Adalind instead of her. I also get Nick’s side, too—Adalind is pregnant with his child and even if Adalind wasn’t pregnant with Nick’s child, an unborn baby of about seven months is an innocent no matter the parentage. I still get Juliette’s sense of betrayal. While I like this angle a little more than I did before, I don’t like how heavy handed Grimm was when delivering it. Grimm used the line, “Adalind is having the baby that you (Juliette) were supposed to have.” That’s a little too on the nose.

Still, those developments worked nice and I got the sense that Monroe’s tormentors may be back soon. Grimm isn’t too subtle but the Wesen he meets in the woods let him know that his reputation precedes him. They were all right with Monroe’s actions but this could be a more gentle hand to reintroduce other Wesen who might not agree with Monroe’s actions.


I hope “Iron Hans” is a sign of what Grimm has in store for us in the future. Most of the ongoing stories progressed.

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