Grimm Review – “Headache”


Kyle’s Review

“Headache” brought Renard’s story arc to an abrupt end but continued the build with the Juliette/Adalind’s child storyline. It’s clear that Juliette and the royal baby will drive Grimm into its finale but I was disappointed that Grimm tossed the Renard story so quickly.

Let’s get something straight, I was never as invested in the Renard story but that’s because Grimm did nothing with the arc and then things escalated too much two episodes ago. And now, it’s over. This was a missed opportunity. Grimm could’ve weaved Renard’s story into the web of the other ongoing arcs, but there should’ve been more repercussions. As it stands, folks will forget this arc happened over the summer.

The other threads fared much better. Juliette may have taken her villainy to a place where she can’t return. I’m good with that if Grimm commits to Juliette as a big nasty. My fear is that they’ll find some false way to get her back to the character she was before this season. I’d be ticked if this happens but until that does, I’m liking the darker Juliette and I’m liking the royal baby (toddler?) story a lot more. Despite suffering from the same fate as the Renard story (Grimm forgot about it for a while), the royal baby story was integrated a lot better than Renard’s.

The last nit I’ll pick is Nick’s mom’s severed head in a box. Did Grimm have to copy Se7en? And there’s a reason why we never saw Gwyneth Paltrow’s head, it would look fake and some things are better left to the viewer’s imagination.

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