Geekly TV: November 28, 2014


The Flash

Jim’s Review

This was an interesting, if somewhat formulaic episode. The de-powered superhero is something we’ve all seen before, though it feels very early in Flash’s development to play that card. I suppose there’s some originality in that.

Seeing Clock King come back was a cool way to prepare the audience for the upcoming Arrow/Flash crossover. It’s a character I never expected to translate well to live action TV, but it’s well executed again here.

The split conflicts, Barry and the crew under attack at the lab, and Iris and company held hostage by Clock King represented a different structure. I definitely feel the Clock King element of the episode was more interesting as Barry’s conflict was handled in sort of a hokey way. Finding how his loss of power was an issue of mind over matter was pretty unsatisfying to me.

The bright spot on Barry’s side of the episode was Dr. Wells. I still wish they’d move his story forward more, but the character certainly seems to have been complicated in this episode.

Verdict: Another entertaining episode.

Kyle’s Take: Jim and I agree for the most part. I have to add that while I appreciate the split conflicts and the shake up to the usual order of a Flash episode, we aren’t left with a lot of time with either conflict. The episode felt rushed at times because they had to wrap up both conflicts in about twenty minutes, and one of the two story threads suffered as a result. Still, there’s a lot to like in this episode: Clock King and Dr. Wells in particular.