Flash: “Untouchable”


Jim’s Thoughts

This week’s episode of Flash still didn’t do much of anything to advance the main story with Savitar. That’s something Kyle and I have gigged the show for these last few weeks, so I have to mention it now. The key difference is this week managed to serve as filler without feeling quite so much like it.

Cisco’s “vibing” is still pretty loosely defined, and this week took advantage of the gray area to advance the plot, but it took focus of the episode away from the weaker areas. It was nice seeing some attention brought back to Caitlin and her inner struggle to control Killer Frost. It was also nice to see Julian get some screen time helping her accomplish that. It could have been much better executed, and I’m afraid they’re using that moment to pair the two off in yet another groaner of a romance angle, but for now, it was something different.

We got another Villain of the Week. I doubt he’ll figure back into the plot later, and he was forgettable enough I’m not sure I’d remember him anyway, but Wally did take the opportunity to learn to phase. If nothing else, there’s a tiny bit of development, and that’s something to hang a hat on.

Looking ahead, Flash is advertising a two-episode-event with Gorilla Grodd on Earth 2. What that says to me is more stalling to fill time, but going back to Gorilla Grodd and the comic book lore might at least entertain me enough to not mind.

Kyle’s Take

“Untouchable” may not feel as much like filler because it mentioned Flashpoint. I can’t speak for Jim but I still think Flash intends—or needs—to return to Flashpoint and resolve the issues caused from the event. And Flashpoint is where and when Cisco vibes.

Cisco “vibing” to a timeline that no longer exists causes viewers to leap into disbelief or into the Atlantic-sized gray miasma surrounding how his powers work, but it does advance the plot. I guess that’s something. But between Flash and Vibe the Flash has a reset button for any occasion.

Refocusing on Caitlin’s struggle to control Killer Frost was a nice touch, but Flash only did this to reestablish her as a potential villain. Still, it’s a nice change and she’s a character that needs more development and screen time. It’s always nice to see Tom Felton (Julian/Alchemy) get more screen time, but romance can’t be too far away between he and Caitlin and if that happens, it’d be a shame. The few episodes Caitlin struggled as Killer Frost were the only times she was seen without a romantic interest, so she might devolve from the two-trick pony she currently is back to a one-trick pony.

To be fair the villain of the week served a similar function in Flash as he did in the comic book. In the comic, Clive Yorkin was believed to have killed Iris Allen, but it turned out to be Reverse-Flash. In the TV show, Savitar (a stand-in for Reverse-Flash) will kill Iris Allen-West, but “Untouchable” suggests that it might be Yorkin. Spoiler alert: Yorkin isn’t Iris’s killer. Clive Yorkin was mostly forgettable in the comics so I’m not that choked up that he’s forgettable in the TV series. He’s no Mirror Master, Dr. Alchemy, or Grodd.

I like seeing Grodd, even if venturing into the comic lore is nothing more than misdirection. The plot’s going nowhere, but look at the shiny. My preference would’ve been Grodd being developed more and becoming the big bad this season, but perhaps Flash has future plans beyond making Grodd a fun distraction.

I’m not sure I agree with Flash’s reintroduction of Earth-2 Harrison Wells at this moment. More than Wally learning how to phase, the biggest development was Barry’s transition from mentee to mentor. It’s done in Flash’s typical heavy-handed fashion, but mentor is a role Barry—and to a point Cisco—has never had prior to this season. Bringing back Wells could disrupt that development. We may be looking at a one step forward, two steps back scenario, but I’ll yell at that bridge if or when we get to it.

Overall “Untouchable” had most of the problems Jim and I have been moaning about for weeks, but it was watchable. That’s a step in the right direction.

Thanks for reading.

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