Flash Spoilers: Week of December 5, 2014

Central City’s Burning Man
A few weeks ago, Iris mentioned a metahuman in Central City with the ability to catch his body on fire. Eddie derisively called him the Burning Man. We actually catch a glimpse of him at end of this episode. It’s no accident that we see Caitlin looking at her former fiancé before we see him. The Burning Man is Ronnie Raymond, better known in the DC Comics Universe as one half of Firestorm. Obviously, he’s the fire half.

Captain Singh
Up to this point, we’ve only see Captain Singh yell at Barry for being late, but in this week’s episode the CCPD’s fearless leader talks about his personal life. He mentions that his boyfriend wants him to eat better and he can only eat junk food at work. I’m not sure if Captain Singh’s boyfriend is the same one in the comics, but if he is, we may have a teaser for another Flash villain The Pied Piper.

More on Ollie’s Baby Momma
Comic fans know her as Sandra Hawke, who mothered a child with Oliver. Eventually, Ollie finds out he’s a daddy, and he takes his son under his wing. Ollie’s son will assume the family business—no, not Queen Consolidated, but the Arrow—and fight alongside his dad before becoming the second Green Arrow.