Arrow Spoilers: Week of December 5, 2014

It’s more of a Squad

Captain Boomerang was a left for dead member of the Suicide Squad. At episode’s end, he finds himself in the same tropical prison as Deathstroke, and Deathstroke has appeared in the new Suicide Squad comic. Here’s hoping for a Deathstroke/Suicide Squad sighting in the not so distant future.

What do they call that?

The Flash crew made some comments about an “Arrow Cave,” but Felicity shot them down with a “We don’t call it that. Ever.” But in the comics, Green Arrow does call his lair the “Arrow Cave.” He even had an “Arrow Car” in the forties.

Now he doesn’t call his hideout the “Arrow Cave” often, but there’s a really great scene between Harley Quinn and Green Arrow about the “Arrow Cave.”

ArrowAndHarleyLance has the right Impulse but the wrong name

It might seem that Detective Lance calling Barry Allen “Bart” was an innocent goof, but comic book readers know better. Bart Allen was the fourth Flash, but he’s best known as Barry’s sidekick, Impulse.

Who is Speedy anyway?

Lyla calls The Flash “Speedy” in this episode, and Arrow thinks she’s referring to Roy. This doesn’t ring true for me, since his nickname for Thea is Speedy. Is Roy “Arsenal” or “Speedy?”

He’s at the Corner of Infantino and Adams

Arrow fans know that the show works in clever tributes to comic book writers and artists into their script, but tonight’s episode topped them all. The warehouse Arrow and the Flash find Klaus Markos is at the corner of Infantino and Adams.

FlashFirstIssueCarmine Infantino created the Flash’s iconic red and yellow costume that he uses today, while Neil Adams penciled several DC Comics greats, including Green Arrow and The Flash. Perhaps Adams is best known for his work on the seminal comic classic Green Arrow/Green Lantern series. A philosophical series that questions what makes a hero. This is a story arc I hope Arrow’s moving toward.