Flash: “I Know Who You Are”


Jim’s Thoughts

This week’s Flash addressed two problems. The first was an imagined problem. The second was one that actually needed to be addressed. You’d think that would average out, but it really didn’t.

With all the pairing off we’ve seen from Team Flash, poor HR must surely have been getting lonely. This week we had him make googly eyes at our super scientist of the future. That’s the imagined problem I mentioned. The show writers just can’t stand to see anyone single. In fact, even in the midst of a stakeout to find Caitlin and stop her from teaming up with Savitar, Barry takes the time to talk to Joe about his love life. It’s more of the same. They’re slaughtering the suspense of the season’s big confrontation with the villain to prioritize what they call romance. Did we even remember Joe was with Cecile? I guess I did, but I sure didn’t care.

What was the problem then that needed to be addressed? Well, we now know (at least sort of) who Savitar is. What’s the problem then? The answer is some alternate version of Barry. That’s probably the worst answer they could have come up with, but it’s a fitting pratfall for a season-long mystery we only cared about out of habit.

There isn’t much else to say about this episode. There isn’t much to say about this season.

Kyle’s Take

My son walked in during this week’s recap of Flash. You know, the clip show of past episodes to catch everyone who missed last week’s episode up to speed. He asked me who that fake looking Megatron was and I told him Savitar. Who’s that? Flash hasn’t revealed who’s inside the suit. They haven’t developed any viable candidates either so it must be an alternative Barry. That’d be the fast food version of a comic book plot. Well, reheat those grease pimple patties and scrape off the mold from the cheese.

If Savitar is the reheated patty, the CW’s romances are the moldy cheese. Except for this episode’s twenty-minute time sink, Joe’s relationship with Cecile happened off-screen. That’s why it’s difficult to remember that Joe’s in deep like-like with Cecile. Flash doesn’t care about this relationship. Why should I? Pass.

HR didn’t need to hook up with anyone, least of all the once and future Nobel-winning scientist. Must every plot point be dipped in romance? They’re nothing but empty calories. Pass.

There isn’t much else to talk about, so we’re back to Other Barry as Savitar. Do you think Other Barry exists because of Flashpoint? Did Flash ever resolve Flashpoint? I almost forgot about that plotline until just now and the season finale may hinge on that broken plotline. Didn’t Jim and I say Barry was going to go back in time and “fix” it? Killer Frost, Savitar, and Dr. Alchemy exist because of Flashpoint. Can we hit the reset button?

Thanks for reading.

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