DC Comics Legends of Tomorrow Secrets: “Pilot, Part 2”


Damien Dahrk

Dahrk was a minor villain in the comics but he caught fire with Arrow fans this season. He’s the head of H.I.V.E. but he’s also behind plenty of mysteries in the show’s history.


Egyptian Dagger

If that dagger looked familiar, it might be because an Egyptian ceremonial dagger makes for a good prop and you could’ve seen Rip Hunter chase down one in the comics. The trade paperback Booster Gold: Reality Lost by Rick Remender, Chuck Dixon, and Dan Jurgens has Booster Gold and his son Rip Hunter square off against Chronos (from the Legends pilot, part 1). The two heroes chase the dagger through time before Wiley Dalbert, a minor villain from Gotham City, gets his hands on it. Chronos was hired to prevent the father and son duo from succeeding.


Jonah Hex

The internet was all aflutter when Legends announced that the legendary and cursed cowboy Jonah Hex would make an appearance. We’ll have to wait awhile before we meet Hex, but if you look behind Hawkman, you’ll see a wanted poster with a familiar face.


Dwarf Star

According to Legends, Alpha Particles were emitted from the Dwarf Star Alloy in the ATOM armor, and it was a fragment of a White Dwarf Star that allowed the Atom to grow and shrink.


Ivy University

The young Dr. Stein worked at Ivy University, and that’s where the gang meets him. Many other DC Comics characters have toiled hours as an Ivy employee. Ray Palmer even worked there.

The university has been name-dropped on Arrow and even Constantine; John said he knew someone who worked there. John could’ve meant Ray Palmer since both characters have made appearances in Arrow and exist in the world of Legends of Tomorrow.


Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the multi-billionaire who owns PayPal, Tesla Motors, and SpaceX, one of the private companies bringing back the United States’ space program. The elder Dr. Stein namedropped him in this episode. It makes sense that elder Stein would look up to Musk, but it also makes sense that Marty has no idea who Elon Musk is. In 1975, Musk would’ve been four or five.


Marty McStein

Stein isn’t the most famous time-traveling Marty. That honor goes to Marty McFly (of Back to the Future fame) and I wonder if the disappearing wedding ring was a tip of the hat to Marty disappearing during his famous scene on-stage.


The Carlin Award

Marty Stein sure is proud of the fact that he’s a five-time winner of the Carlin Award. And why wouldn’t he. The hardware was named after longtime DC Comics editor Mike Carlin, who governed titles like Superman, and the ones that featured Rip Hunter, the Linear Men, and Waverider.

Those are all the secrets we have for Legends of Tomorrow. If you missed our review of the pilot, part 2, here’s a link. Thanks for reading.

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